Transient Surge Analysis

Transient surge can introduce high pressure forces into water distribution systems resulting in pump and valve failures and catastrophic pipe ruptures. Hence transient flow simulation has become an essential requirement for ensuring safety and safe operation of water distribution systems and other liquid systems such as fuel oil loading systems, oil transmission systems and cargo loading systems.

High pressure surges can cause severe vibrations resulting in pipe and support failures. Long term moderate surges can induce fatigue failure. We also carry out stress analysis of the piping system to analyze the mechanical response due to transient surge loads using static equivalent method or time-history analyses.

Some of the distribution networks which we have carried out transient surge analysis are:

  • Firewater systems
  • Cooling water systems
  • Ballast water systems
  • Seawater Lift and Water Injection systems
  • Cargo loading systems
  • Freshwater distribution systems

Computer Model of a Typical Network
Computer Model of a Typical Network (Click to enlarge)

Typical Pressure vs Time Graph
Typical Pressure vs Time Graph (Click to enlarge)